29 September, 2020

Concrete Futures: What should our cities of tomorrow look like?

Concrete futures: What should our cities of tomorrow look like?



28 October 2020

8:00 PM – 9:15 PM (CET)

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Hosted by: Maria Skóra | Das Progressive Zentrum


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This session will engage with the role, meaning and obstacles of co-creating visions for the cities of tomorrow. It will challenge the current discourses and narratives about urban futures and look into new approaches that provide room for a more democratic and aspirational discussion about the way forward – and ultimately the cities we want. The session will also instigate a discussion about the methodological challenges we may encounter and how to address them.

The Speakers

President of the Italian National Innovation Fund
Senior Lecturer at Singapore University of Social Sciences
Researcher at the Institute of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Stuttgart | Senior Associate at adelphi
Member of the French Parliament