21 September, 2021

Democratising property, finance and investment

Democratising property, finance and investment

15 October 2021

4:00 PM – 05:30 PM (CEST)

Red Room



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Property, finance and investment are crucial pillars that structure the distribution of wealth, income and status in today’s societies. Yet, the logic of rule of these economic realms of society has often outgrown national democratic frameworks or has, at times, never been organised democratically. This session explores how the functioning of several core aspects of our economies such as large-scale asset management, the ownership of housing and the specific nature of state and private investments can be drastically improved by (re)democratising them. The three speakers will offer a visionary outlook on concrete proposals of how some of the greatest challenges to our societies can be met by democratising our economies – at the community and macroeconomic level.

The Speakers

Research Associate at the University of Oldenburg
Senior Research Fellow at Common Wealth
Junior Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum
Co-Founder of Dezernat Zukunft