Innocracy 2020

The theme of Innocracy 2020 was: Bringing the Future Back to Democracy. Find the conference’s outputs on this page. 

Innocracy 2020 was our platform for exploring democratic future visions. We discovered new perspectives together with political decision-makers, activists, artists, civil society actors and academics from Europe and beyond. 

Speakers of Innocracy 2020

Candid conversations about our shared future deserve a range of perspectives. We listened to and engaged with voices stemming from Japan, Georgia, Wales, and dozens of other places around the world. Framed by their work in the arts, technology, civil society, politics, and academia, these thought-leaders discussed their own visions for our future.

Public Philosopher and Author
Author of “Unorthodox” & "Exodus"
Professor of History and Director of the European Institute at Columbia University
Founder & Executive Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice
Director of PRIME economics

All Recorded Sessions of Innocracy 2020

Find here all keynotes, vision sprints and more that were part of Innocracy 2020. Rewatch the videos now!

Funding Partners of Innocracy 2020

The Team of Innocracy 2020

Innocracy 2020 was powered by a dedicated team at Das Progressive Zentrum. Meet the people behind the conference!