Deborah Feldman

Author of “Unorthodox” & "Exodus"

In 1986, Deborah Feldman was born in New York. She grew up in the Hasidic community in Williamsburg, New York. Her first language is Yiddish. She studied literature at the Sarah Lawrence College. In 2012 her autobiographical story "Unorthodox" became a spectacular New York Times bestseller, reaching a circulation of millions. The German translation of the same name became a Spiegel bestseller. In March 2020, Unorthodox was broadcasted as a four-part mini-series on Netflix. The series was filmed in Yiddish by Maria Schrader in Berlin, and the script is a collaboration between the authors Anna Winger and Alexa Karolinski. Deborah Feldman’s book "Überbitten", written in English, was first internationally published in 2017, in Germany. The author lives with her son in Berlin, where she is currently working on her first German-language novel.

Position: Author of “Unorthodox” & "Exodus"

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