The Strategic Value of Visions: Lessons from Innocracy 2020 and outlook on this year’s conference

In the face of systemic challenges such as the climate crisis, we must transform the way we live, consume and produce as societies. Yet, no transformation can succeed without a clear sense of direction. We need visions of the future that unify and integrate democracies on their way forward. But can visions really help to open up the future – especially in times of crises? How can we learn to imagine and learn to develop visions that are tangible?

This paper discusses key questions that arose at Innocracy 2020, presents avant-garde methods and projects that were at the core of last year‘s conference and ends with an outlook on Innocracy 2021.

The Authors

Stellvertretende Geschäftsführerin und Leiterin Resiliente Demokratie, Das Progressive Zentrum
Senior Grundsatzreferent